Monday, January 10, 2005


Don't Look Now

Don't look now, but Bobby Knight is only 39 victories behind Dean Smith as the all time leader in career victories. If he can win 10-12 more this year can he make it another 2 years to get those remaining 25-27? My guess is only at Texas Tech. First of all, I don't believe he will be able to win more than 20 games next year, making it virtually impossible for him to reach that number next season. Second of all, Tech is one of the few schools where he can do the things he does and gets by with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Where else can you publicly launch into a tirade on the school chancellor and escape looking like the good guy? Only at Tech. Watch out 879....


Sutton vs. Knight

The big numbers in the Sutton vs Knight matchup was 1605. That is the combined number of victories between the 2 legendary coaches. No game in the history of college basketball has ever matched up coaches with at least 1600 wins. By the way, Eddie Sutton leads the series of 13 games the 2 have faced each other by a margin of 7-6.

Friday, January 07, 2005


OSU Recruiting

Looks like a very promising future for the Pokes. I would imagine Coach Sutton will stick around to pick up #800 and then call it quits. Cupboard won't be empty either. I have personally seen several of these guys play and they can flat out go. Flemings is a tremendous athlete. Eaton, from Dallas Lincoln, started at QB for a playoff team that went to the state finals in Class 4A only to lose in double overtime. Curry, a freshman from last years class, is already getting quality minutes and will be an outstanding guard in the Big XII the next several years.


College Basketball (ESPN)

Looks like the Cowboys have the respect of ESPN. Now to figure out how to creep into the #1 seed spot. Cowboys seem to perform best when flying under the radar. Team I think to watch out for....Michigan State.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Oklahoma State Football

Looks like Oklahoma State football has reached its pinnacle. Hiring an offensive coordinator that gave the nations 7th leading rusher 8 touches in the Alamo Bowl has just done it for me. Once again, OSU football is settling for mediocrity. Could've had Norm Chow from USC, we saw what he did to OU. This is a step down for OSU football. Not just football, but the athletic program in general.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004



I thought this headline was pretty funny. Sounds like Adam and Choat hanging out together. Click on the word "Headline" because I haven't figured out how to put the link in my post yet.



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